Sewer leaks can become devastating, causing floods, mold, and requiring expensive repairs, and even sometimes renovation within your home to fix the damaged areas. In light of that, you would naturally want to engage in preventative maintenance to stop sewer leaks from occurring, but even with vigilant maintenance, unanticipated damage can sometimes happen to your sewer pipes. That’s why it’s important to know the signs of a sewer leak before the small leak becomes a huge disaster. Read on to learn about several warning signs that you may have a sewer leak.

Not Enough Water Pressure

If you suddenly have less water pressure in your sinks and showers, you may have a sewer leak. That’s because as the water travels through your pipes, if there’s a crack or break somewhere, too much water may seep out, providing less water to your faucet. If you notice a drop in water pressure in your home, it’s a good idea to call a sewage expert to check out your sewer system.

Running Water Noise

Do you constantly hear the sound of running water? This noise is not normal and could indicate damage to your sewer line. Don’t ignore the unexplained sound of running water. Call a professional to assess the situation.

The Appearance of Water Damage

Have you noticed what looks like water damage on your floors or walls? If you can’t identify the source of that damage, it is likely a sign you may have a sewer leak. Don’t ignore water damage, as it can quickly cause dangerous mold to grow in your home. Once you have mold, repairs become much more extensive and expensive.

Sudden Grass Growth

If you have large patches of grass or other growth suddenly spring up accompanied by damp earth, your sewer is probably leaking water onto your property. The lush grass will eventually turn brown from the harmful bacteria in the sewage water, so you definitely want to eradicate the problem before it causes more harm.

Cracks in Your Foundation

If you notice cracks in your home’s foundation, the cause could be sewer line damage. The water leaking from your sewer line will pool and cause the earth to shift, which can negatively affect the foundation of your home.

Sewage Smell

Do you smell anything stinky around your home? The cause could be a damaged sewer pipe that is leaking actual sewage onto your property. You definitely want to make sure to contact a professional before you alienate your neighbors, and before your pipe bursts and causes a much more major issue.

At A&L Cesspool, our experts use top equipment to assess the health of your sewer system and to repair any damages before they become disasters. It’s important to pay attention to any strange sounds, smells, or sights within your home and to contact a professional whenever you notice any signs that you may have a sewer leak. Better to fix an issue now than have to deal with catastrophe later!