Are you one of the thousands of new homeowners in the New York City area? New homeowners in the New York City area who encounter sewer problems should take prompt action to address these issues. Dealing with sewer problems can be challenging and expensive, but early detection and resolution can prevent further damage and potential health hazards. Keep reading to learn which sewer problems to look for before you buy and learn how to ensure you check for sewer problems in your new home before you purchase.

Sewer Problems to Look for Before You Buy

Pay attention to signs of sewer problems, such as slow or gurgling drains. During a home tour, try to pay attention to the sinks, showers, and toilets. If you notice slow drainage or gurgling sounds when you flush the toilet or run water down the drains, it could indicate a blockage or clog in the sewer line. Try to pay attention to strong, persistent sewage odors inside or outside the home, which could suggest a sewer problem. 

Foul smells near drains or in the yard may indicate sewer gas leaks or septic tank issues. Check for wet spots or signs of water damage on walls, ceilings, or floors near plumbing fixtures. These could be indicators of leaking sewer pipes. Try to notice if any large trees that are sitting near the home can send their roots into the sewer lines, causing blockages or damage. Look for signs of root intrusion, such as cracks in the foundation or any sidewalks. If the property has a septic system, inquire about its maintenance history. Regular septic tank pumping and inspections are crucial for pepper functionality.

Contact the Previous Home Owner

If you move into your new home and notice sewer problems shortly after you move in, reach out to the previous owner or seller. This can help you to understand if there were any sewer-related issues or maintenance done. They may be able to provide valuable information about the history of the sewer system.

Check the Disclosure Statement

Review the disclosure statement provided by the seller to see if there are any mentions of sewer problems or previous repairs. Make sure you hire a licensed sewer professional to perform a comprehensive inspection of the sewer system. They will be able to use special tools, such as sewer cameras to identify any blockages, leaks, or structural issues in the sewer pipes.

Report Any Issues

Report any issues to your local authorities. If you suspect the problem lies within the public sewer system, contact the local water or sewer department to report the issue. You must inform your homeowner’s insurance provider about the sewer problem to determine if your policy covers any damages or repairs related to the issue. If necessary, seek legal advice. If the sewer problem was not disclosed by the seller and they were aware of it, you may want to consult with a real estate attorney to understand what your legal rights and options may be.

Address the Problem Promptly

Once you have identified the issue, work with the sewer professional to resolve the problem as soon as possible to prevent further damage and potential health risks. Make sure you take preventative measures to ensure that the sewer problem is resolved, such as regular sewer inspections and maintenance to avoid any future issues. 

Sewer problems can be complex, so you must seek professional help to address the issue(s) properly. Acting quickly and responsively will protect your investment and allow you to enjoy your new home while staying safe!

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