There are a couple of reasons why you may smell sewage in your home. Causes of the smell usually involve a disruption in your home’s barriers against city sewer gases, allowing these gases to infiltrate your home. These disruptions include improperly fitting sewer trap plugs, a house trap that has dried out, and a blocked or frozen sewer vent (often due to snow buildup – this situation is potentially dangerous). A backup in the city sewer system can also cause sewage smells to permeate your home. City sewer backups can be caused by a buildup of excess grease and solid waste, or from frozen pipes.

Improperly Fitting or Dislodged Sewer Trap Plugs

Within your sewer access pit is a sewer trap that holds water acting as a barrier between sewer gases and your home. This trap is sealed with a plug and if the plug becomes loose or dislodged, it can allow gases from the sewer system to escape into your house. Luckily, you can replace your sewer trap plug easily and inexpensively.

Dried Out House Trap

In all your plumbing fixtures, such as sinks and bathtubs, there should be a trap with water in it. That water prevents sewer gases from entering your home. However, if the water dries out, the barrier is broken and the gases can get through. Often, all you need to do is run some water in the sink or area where the trap has dried out and the problem will be fixed.

Blocked Sewer Vent

Vent and waste pipes are normal parts of your home plumbing system. They vent gases that build up in your septic tank. If these pipes get blocked, the gases have nowhere to go but into your home, and they can make you pretty sick. This issue is especially prevalent in the winter, when snow can build up and block your sewer vent. If you notice a suspicious sewage smell in your home, call a professional to check your sewer vent and pay attention to any symptoms of illness you may have.

If you detect a sewage smell in your home, contact an experienced plumber right away. The problem is often simple to fix, but you don’t want to let it linger for too long. The buildup of gases in your home are not only unpleasant, but they can actually make you and your family members ill. Professional plumbers like A&L Cesspool can locate and solve the issue quickly so you can go back to enjoying the pleasant smells of home once again.