There are certain factors that occur during the fall season that could potentially affect your sewer pipes and plumbing system. It is important to be aware of these five common factors and take preventative measures so you can ensure that your sewer pipes and plumbing system function properly. Here are five common fall issues for your sewer pipes and how you can prevent them.


One issue that is fairly common during the fall season is falling leaves. Leaves can fall and accumulate in your outdoor drains, gutters, and stormwater systems. If the leaves block the drains, they can cause backups, so make sure to keep your outdoor drains clear. Using leaf guards in your gutters to help prevent leaves from entering the drainage system can help prevent this problem, as well.


In some regions, heavy rainfall during the fall can overwhelm your sewer system. Overflows and backups can occur if you do not keep your system clear. You should always schedule a visit from a sewer and drain professional to make certain your property’s drainage systems are properly functioning and are clear of debris in order to best handle the increased water flow.

Colder Weather

As the colder temperatures approach and the season progresses, the colder weather can lead to frozen pipes. Frozen sewer pipes can cause blockages and they can even burst, leading to a flood and water damage. Taking the proper steps to ensure that your indoor temperature is consistent and that your pipes are insulated will help prevent your pipes from freezing.

Tree Roots 

Tree roots can become a lot more active in their search for water and nutrients during the fall, and they can actually infiltrate sewer pipes, leading to blockages and damaged pipes. If you have any trees near your sewer lines, you should call the professionals at A&L Cesspool. Our team can use video technology to inspect the insides of your sewer pipes to determine if tree roots have broken through. If they have, we will present some solutions so you can have clear pipes again. 


Household Routine Changes


The fall season can bring changes to household routines as kids go back to school and people, in general, spend more time indoors. Additionally, there are a number of holidays during the fall and early winter that can involve extended family and friends spending time at your home. Be aware of the increase in toilet usage, cooking oil, and the potential overuse of your plumbing system, which could increase the risk of clogs.


Preventative Maintenance Can Help with Fall Issues for Your Sewer Pipes

The fall is a great time to conduct preventative maintenance on your plumbing system before the colder winter months arrive and keep away these common fall issues for your sewer pipes. This is a good time to inspect for cracks, leaks, and corrosion, as well as prevent any buildup in your drains and pipes. By taking steps to address any potential issues and being proactive, you can rest assured that your sewer pipes remain in good working condition throughout the fall season and the rest of the year. Regular maintenance and preventative measures can help keep your plumbing system functioning correctly and smoothly.

A&L Cesspool provides the most reliable and affordable sewer service in the New York City area, and we offer preventative maintenance services to get your sewer system ready for anything the weather may bring! Reach out to us so we can help your sewer pipes stay clear and fully functioning this fall.