One of the scariest things homeowners can experience is dealing with water damage in their house. The most worrisome part about this is that there will be situations when the damage is taking place without you knowing and by the time you catch wind of it, it’s likely too late and will cost thousands of dollars to fix it. A common cause of most water damage comes from faulty pipes and most people would assume that this means that this involves a leaky faucet or something that is visible. But, there are times when the issue lies inside the walls where it is close to impossible to detect the issue before it is too late. So, let’s take a look at some of the tell-tale signs that indicate a water leak inside your walls. 


Wet Spots On The Wall

One indicator that water could be leaking inside the walls would be wet patches that you notice on the wall, especially if it is not under any construction. Stone and concrete usually have a low ability to soak in water, therefore, it will not take long after a leak before the water begins seeping through the water and creating the appearance of wet spots.


Mold Formation

The next most common indicator of a water leak in the wall is when you notice certain corners of the water, particularly on the walls, developing mold. The growth of mould requires certain conditions and moisture is the most critical one. So, if you start seeing mold growing on the walls, it is likely that a water source is the cause.


Peeling Paint

Another common sign that you should look out for is when paint surrounding the wall begins to peel. Many homes have water-based paint that does not handle water well. Therefore, when the wall starts coming into contact with any moisture on a regular basis, the paint will begin to degenerate. If you have a structure made from wood, you may also notice fittings and other boards that may begin to rot due to contact with water.


Unexpected Hike in Water Bill

This is a simple but effective way to tell that there is a leak in your home because if you notice that your water bill has spiked with no visible leak and you have not introduced any appliance that is using excessive water, you might be dealing with a leak that is unforeseen to the naked eye.


These are just a few common indicators that there could be a water leak hidden inside your walls. This is a problem that you surely would want to be handled by a professional. If you notice any of these signs and would like someone to come and take a look, please give A&L Cesspool a call at (718) 729-3018!