A sewage backup in your home can be very alarming along with hazardous because once your sewage line starts to back up in your home’s plumbing system, it can open the door to a host of damage and problems. The longer this is overlooked, the worse it can get and the more damage it will ultimately cause. However, there is good news and that is by knowing the signs of a sewage backup, you can take the immediate action necessary to fix the problem and prevent further damage. So, let’s take a look at some of the most common signs you might have a sewage backup.


Sewage-Like Odors Coming From The Drain

The purpose of your drains is to transport wastewater away and outside of your house. So, if you begin to notice any foul smell coming from the drains or any kind of persisting sewage smell in your home, this could be a telltale sign of a mainline sewage backup.


Bubbling Drains Or Toilets

If you notice air bubbles coming up through your drains and toilets while you are using them, it is probably because wastewater is unable to flow through your plumbing system as it should. If this begins to happen regularly, it will begin to back up as it has nowhere to go. So, pay attention to any bubbling drains and toilets as they can be red flags to your sewer backing up.


Slow Draining in Multiple Fixtures

When wastewater is unable to pass through the pipes and sewer line, you will have multiple drains that run slow.. This kind of problem usually begins with the lowest drains in the home as the backup creeps up the piping and sewer line. This means that if your basement or first-floor drains are slow to clear wastewater, it could be a sign that you are dealing with a sewage backup.


Clogs In Multiple Drains At Once

This sign is similar to the previous sign where if you notice that more than one of the drains in your home is clogged and not letting wastewater pass through, then it is likely like a sewage backup is the cause. And similar to slow drainage problems, these clogs will affect the lowest drains in the home first.


Sewage Coming Out Of a Cleanout Pipe

For those unaware, the sewer cleanout pipe is a capped pipe that provides direct access to the sewer line. Now, when your sewer line backs up, wastewater is pushed up through the cleanout pipe, which usually is outside or in the basement. So, if you notice sewage coming out of a pipe in your yard or basement, this is another sign of a sewage back up.


These are just some of the many signs that are associated with sewage backup in your home. If you happen to notice any of these red flags, or have any additional questions, be sure to contact A&L Cesspool at (718) 729-3018!