The winter months entail the coldest temperatures of the year, and with that come several challenges to the robustness of your homes pipes and sewage structures. We have already discussed several tips for maintaining your septic tank, but here we will be discussing issues and solutions relevant to the icy season. By addressing these plumbing and sewage problems and maintaining your septic tank, your home will remain safe and properly functioning. Continue reading to learn some common winter septic tank issues. 

A Freezing Tank

In the case where it gets exceptionally cold, your septic tank can freeze over. This is especially detrimental if certain parts of the tank freeze and prevent natural bacteria from decomposing the wastewater. This septic tank issue leads to a waste buildup that causes clogging or ruptures if it happens within a frozen line. To avoid this, place a cover or even a blanket over the septic tank to insulate it— it is especially crucial to do this at night. Additionally, having mulch, grass, and leaves covering your pipes in your soil treatment area will trap snow, also insulating the septic tank. 

Dense Snow Cover

When snow gets compacted on your tank, it negatively impacts insulation and will lead to freezing. Also, compacted snow and soil will prevent proper wastewater drainage— you won’t want this! To avoid this septic tank issue, be conscious where you park your vehicle and watch out for heavy objects located above the tank area (both will compact the snow). In addition, it is in your best interest to aerate the soil before winter comes and clear any snow in the region when it does fall. 

Pumping Your Tank

As snow begins to pile up and the ground freezes, it becomes much more difficult to dig into the ground and reach the tank. In short, to combat this common winter septic tank issue, take advantage of the warmer winter days and pump your tank when it is not already full and the ground is not frozen. 

Damage by Guests

These winter months are some of the busiest due to the holidays. It is likely that you will have more guests than you normally would due to home celebrations, festivities, and things of that nature. This guarantees a heavier load on your home septic system as you and your guests shower, use the toilet, do laundry, and prepare food. To prevent any septic tank issues, it is best to inform your guests about not flushing any objects that shouldn’t be flushed down a toilet. You should inform them of other actions that will damage the septic tank.

All in all, be mindful entering the colder months, as an unforeseen sewage issue will certainly give you a hard time. Nevertheless, trained professionals are at your disposal and can help you with any of these common winter septic tank issues and more. Contact A&L Cesspool at 718-729-3018 to address any of your home sewer needs.

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