Climate change is a constant challenge threating our global population! With a projected 2.7°F rise in average temperatures,  intense weather conditions can cause a major shift in our everyday lives. These drastic changes are relevant , as they are harming our wastewater system. As the earth experiences extreme rainfall and heat, wastewater systems are facing immense stress. To learn more, keep reading about how climate change is affecting our pipes. The more information provided on climate change, can help address the issue and protect your home.


Intense natural disasters are being amplified by global climate change. Earthquakes and tremors are some of the most destructive events that affect underground pipelines. They can cause severe damage that requires immediate repair. Earthquakes are the final straw for these weakened pipes that are aged and made of outdated material. Seismic movements can create both small and large damages, ranging from tiny pipe fractures to a full collapse of your pipeline.

Water Quality

Shifting water conditions and precipitation rates are increasing the issues in our sewer system. The drastic changes in weather patterns and the surge of rainfall leads to water overflowing in wastewater systems. The overflowing water leads to sewage water being leaked into bodies of freshwater. This can affect wildlife and the surrounding environment. Climate change is also affecting our pipes by causing them to not properly perform their tasks. Sewage is no longer flowing to its proper location and is being dumped into waters, increasing pollution and algae blooms. Increased precipitation also creates more tropical storms, providing more issues. To read more about hurricane preparedness for your home and pipes, check out this previous blog post.

Pipe Corrosion

Although you may not know a lot about waste transport, it is vital to keeping our environment healthy. The underground labyrinth involves multiple parts including storing waste, pumping waste, and treatment plants. This equipment is intended to resist wearing down, but is being altered by the rising temperatures and extended droughts. This increases corrosion, which damages the underground materials. In short, our pipes are becoming more sensitive as the planet heats up. This can lead to breakage, leaks, and contamination.

All in all, it is safe to say that climate change is a main concern for people from every walk of life. In the case of the homeowner, global warming poses specific obstacles in terms of the way it is affecting our pipes. It is of the utmost importance to be aware of these challenges that can break the pipes leading to your household. If anything should arise regarding your home sewage system, feel free to contact A&L Cesspool. We specialize in taking care of your pipe system and are here to solve any sewer or drain issue. To contact one of our professionals you can call us at 347-201-5390.