The pandemic has caused an abundance of global hardships for families and businesses everywhere. Even with the overwhelming amount of stress, it is vital that we notice the positives. When looking back over the years, COVID-19 has brought about some positive opportunities for people in the workplace and students. It has allowed us to work remotely from home. Although a hard transition, it has allowed for flexible work times and appreciation for our friends and family. 

Another major positive of COVID-19 are the changes to cleanliness of businesses and restaurants. Even Disney allowed for major restrictions and staying sanitized is still kept in mind. Due to the pandemic, businesses continue to keep social distancing and sanitization more serious than before! 

Life Pre-Covid 

When we sit back and judge the differences between life BEFORE COVID-19 and life NOW, we realize there are MANY! We look at each other a little differently, we look at our living and working environments differently, and we certainly look at cleanliness differently. It feels weird to look back at what the world used to be like before businesses had serious cleaning regulations! 

Dining Out 

When we go out for a meal, we look around businesses more carefully than we used to, to see what types of protocols are in place. We notice the barriers between the cash register and the person, and the sanitization of spaces. it is important that our space is sanitized before and after we dine somewhere. Before the pandemic we wouldn’t normally look out for how clean a space is, but now it is frequently taken into consideration. Restaurants must be clean, not just for the ambience, but for the health and safety of their customers and staff. 


Cleaning a restaurant involves a lot more than sweeping the floors and wiping down the surfaces. Here at A&L Cesspool, we use the most effective tools to keep our clients’ in compliance with industry standards. We take pride in keeping your businesses and everyone in it safe from all bacteria, fungus and infectious contaminants. Our disinfection services are meant to keep everyone safe from any lingering germs. 

The food service industry has made some impressive strides during these trying times, but there are some major challenges ahead. Industry sales are down $65 billion since pre-pandemic times, while labor and other costs continue to rise. The restaurant industry is striving to provide top level customer experiences, while dealing with the challenges of this trying time. By staying on top of the latest and best disinfecting tools, provided by A&L Cesspool, you can achieve your goal of servicing your customers on disinfected surfaces.  We utilize a 2-step-process to ensure your surfaces are cleaned and STAY clean for a minimum of 30 days. 

Let Us Help you Stay Clean 

Let us know how we can help you ensure your staff and customer safety, by educating you on all of our restaurant, retail and office protocols. Our experts are here to answer any and all of your questions. We promise to provide you with premier services, and high-quality cleaning equipment. We strive to protect your business and your customers from any bacteria including all variants of COVID-19! Learn more on our website or please call us at 718.729.3018. 

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