As 2022 comes to an end, we enter a new beginning where we reflect on the past year. This includes thinking about improvements we can make for New Year’s, such as becoming a better homeowner, and managing your residence. In terms of your home sewage system, there are a number of tasks you can challenge yourself to complete this year. With any resolution, it is important to make your goals feasible. Check out these practical septic New Year’s resolutions to put on your to-do-list! 

The Parts Of Your Septic System 

There are a variety of homeowners, each at different levels of their home development journey. There are some who are still in the dark about the bells and whistles of their home sewage system, and others who are all in the know. Either way, it is important to learn about the basics of your sewage system! You may know where your septic tank is, but are you able to identify the main pipes? Knowing the intricacies of your sewer system reduces incidences of clogs or other unpleasant issues. If you are struggling to learn about your sewer, view our previous blog post about the basic home sewage layout. We highly recommend you read and consult it to help you get started with your septic New Year’s resolutions! 

Make A “Do Not Flush” List 

For those who already are one step ahead, this list still includes vital information! For those who do not, this list is intended to prevent you, other residents, and guests from tossing objects unsafe for your septic system into toilets and drains. Just a few of these items include hair, bleach, hygienic wipes, and pharmaceuticals. If any of these manage to get into your pipes, it will lead to a clog, which is a major problem for you to avoid.

Conserve Water 

This resolution may be easier to complete than the rest. Using less water decreases the stress on your septic system, increasing its lifespan. This can be achieved by being a bit more conscious about your water usage. By turning off the faucet when you brush your teeth or taking shorter showers, your septic system is saved from fractures or flooding. Additionally, conserving water is better for the environment, which is significant, given how climate change is affecting our pipes. 

Consult an Expert 

The final septic New Year’s resolution is to reach out to experts when in need! There is nothing wrong with seeking assistance as some problems are just too big. Any homeowner may struggle handling their sewer alone. At A&L Cesspool, professionals are equipped to help you with any sewage issues you may be experiencing. We are here to help you complete your septic New Year’s resolutions. Reign in the New Year’s with expert support and contact us at (347) 201-5390. 

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