We have all dealt with an infestation of some kind of unwanted critter entering our homes, whether its a mouse, an insect, or some other household pest. That said, you probably know how tricky it can be to get rid of them along with the damage they can cause. Now, while you might expect to see one scurrying around the kitchen or running for cover in the basement, but, you may not think of these creatures as a cause for plumbing issues. The unfortunate truth is that, sure enough, there are critters that can enter your home through your pipes and plumbing. In a best case scenario, they would be a nuisance, however, at worst, they can cause expensive damage. Let’s take a look at some of the critters that can end up in your plumbing.


Mice & Rats

It doesn’t take too much for a mouse to squeeze its way into your home. Any opening even as small as the size of a nickel is all they need to get through. Rats, on the other hand, may need a slightly larger opening, about the size of a half-dollar. So, if there are any gaps around the pipes underneath the sinks or other plumbing, it could be small enough for a mouse to make its way inside your home. They can also get through any unsealed drainage pipes. A rat’s method to get in through the plumbing is a bit more alarming as they are unafraid to swim through the pipes. This means that they can get in through the sewer pipes and exit from the toilet. They can swim for up to three days and will eat anything that gets in their way.



As you are already aware, frogs are amphibious creatures meaning they are adapted to living on both land and in water. They usually need to remain close to a source of water as they grow older in order to prevent their skin from drying out. The opening of a water pipe would be the ideal moist environment that a frog needs. Now, where a frog enters your home’s plumbing will depend on the type of frog. If it is a tree frog, they can climb to the roof of the house and make their way through the chimney or a vent pipe and into the toilet. Other frogs might look to make their way through the sewer pipe from below, entering through a crack or opening in the pipe.



Your plumbing system offers two things that insects need: moisture and warmth. So, bugs, both the good and bad ones will make their way into your homes in and around your drains and pipes. Now, depending on the bug, they can be coming up from the plumbing, or getting int your house first and then navigating to the plumbing. Drain flies, for example, lay their eggs in the slimy material that forms in drains. Those tiny flies that hatch from those eggs then hang around the drains as the slime provides food for them. Cockroaches may also get into your home through the drains as they love water. So, you may find them hanging around areas where water collects like the bottom of sinks or bathtubs.


These critters and more can be very crafty in how they get into your home and plumbing system and if they are not caught in a timely fashion, they can cause major and costly damage. If you suspect that you might have some kind of creature lurking in your pipes or drains or have further questions, feel free to call A&L Cesspool at (718) 729-3018!