We’ve got the scoop on the question you’ve all been wondering: are bath bombs safe for your pipes? 

Let’s discuss. 

You’ve had a busy, sweaty summer day outdoors and now all you want to do is sink into the tub with a luxurious bath bomb or some bath salts so you can relax. Bath bombs add scents and emulsifiers to engage your senses and allow you to feel pampered, like you’re in a spa in your very own home. A candle and some classical music complete the experience. Yet, while you’re relaxed and enjoying your bath, your sewer system is dreading (figuratively, of course!) what’s to come when you drain the tub.

Here’s why bath bombs are not safe for pipes:

Bath bombs often include essential oils, salts, and even flower petals and glitter in their ingredients in order to make your bath as sensually pleasant as possible. However, as we already know, oils are terrible for the pipes in your home. They build up over time and solidify, creating clogs. The same is true for ingredients like cocoa butter and cornstarch. Flowers and glitter will not dissolve in water and will get stuck in the oil buildup. All of these ingredients will stick to your pipes and catch other bits of debris, eventually causing a major issue.

Can you still enjoy bath bombs in your bath?

Yes! As long as you are careful about protecting your drain from the harmful ingredients, you can enjoy your bath bomb without worry. Drain stoppers or mesh drain protectors can help ensure no larger particles like flower petals make it down to your pipes. You can also do the hard work of scooping up and removing larger particles before draining your water. If you only use bath bombs very occasionally, you can likely avoid an issue. However, if you notice your water is draining too slowly, it’s wise to stop using bath bombs and call in a professional.

We can help your drain!

If your drain is having issues due to bath bombs or due to any other issue, we can help! Our professionals at A&L Cesspool can remove clogs using a variety of high-powered and effective tools so your sewer system can be clean and healthy again. You can do your part by making sure to avoid letting oils and other debris enter your pipes and sewer system, and keeping bath bombs to a minimum.