Grease is Harmful for Your Pipes

Summer is a popular time to barbecue, but what do you do with all that cooking grease that is left over? Many people end up pouring it down the drain, or even down the toilet, but these are harmful to the plumbing of your home. Here is an explanation of how grease is harmful to your pipes and what you can do about it.

Grease Causes Clogs

Grease sticks to the edges of your pipes and, over time, can block proper sewage from getting past as it travels down your plumbing system. That blockage leads to backups, which can cause floods, lead to mold growth, and even structural damage to your home.

Harsh Chemical Drain Cleaners

When backups occur, you might be tempted to use a harsh chemical drain cleaner to clear your pipes. Many homeowners resort to these chemicals. However, you would actually be doing more harm than good. Grease is harmful to your pipes, but drain cleaners can actually cause physical damage to your pipes and lead to even more extensive and expensive issues than a simple clog would.

What Should You Do if You Poured Grease Down the Drain?

Pouring boiling water regularly down your drain will keep the grease in liquid form which will help it move further down the pipes. If you pour baking soda and vinegar into your drain, the combination will help break down the fats and will also freshen up your drain.

How Should You Dispose of Grease?

If you can’t pour grease down the drain, what SHOULD you do with it? If you have small amounts of grease, the best thing to do is to pour it into a container and throw it in the trash – or you can sometimes reuse it. If you have large amounts of grease you need to get rid of, you can call a grease removal company who will pick up your grease and dispose of it properly.

At A&L Cesspool, we can collect your grease for you from grease traps so it will be disposed of in a safe manner that won’t harm pipes or the soil around your home or business. If you do experience a backup in your pipes due to grease buildup, we have a variety of tools to be able to clear your backup for you without causing any damage to your pipes. The best way to take care of your pipes is to dispose of grease properly in the first place.