Sometimes drainage problems become more than homeowners can handle and it’s time to call the professionals at A&L Cesspool. The question is, how can you tell the difference between a clog you can handle yourself and a problem that only the professional plumbers at A&L Cesspool can solve? Today, we are going to be counting down five questions you can ask yourself in order to determine if it’s time to call A&L Cesspool.

1. How often is your drain clogging? 

If one of your drains clogs once in a blue moon, that is not necessarily a reason to contact a professional. Clogs, to some extent, are an inevitable part of home maintenance that everyone will need to deal with at some point. On the other hand, if you are dealing with recurrent and persistent clogs on a regular basis, you need professional help. Recurring clogs are a sign that something may be stuck in your pipes, or even that your discharge line is broken. It may also indicate that there is some sort of obstruction at the sewer connection. If your drains are clogging every day, or even every week, you have a serious problem with your pipes and it is time to call A&L Cesspool for backup. 

2. Is this clog in a critical area that gets used every day? 

If you have noticed that one of your drains is clogging, you may want to take note of where this drain is located and how much use it gets. It is more urgent to call a professional about your kitchen sink that gets used multiple times a day every single day than the drain in your guest bathroom that only gets used on holidays. All clogs in your home should be addressed at some point, but if the recurrent clog is hampering the use of a critical drain, you should call A&L Cesspool as soon as possible.

3. Does the clog affect every drain in the house? 

If the clog is threatening more than just one drain, that could be a sign of a very serious problem. If all of your drains are being impacted by recurring or constant clogs and slowdowns, then it is time to call us. If all of your drains are being impacted by a clog, then it shows that there is a clog in your main drain, that needs to be addressed by the experts at  A&L Cesspool.

4. Has this clog caused a mess that’s spreading? 

If your clog has caused an overflowing mess that is spreading in your home, it is time to stop reading this blog post and call the A&L Cesspool now!

5. Is your clogged drain accompanied by sewage backup? 

If your clogged drains are accompanied by sewage backup, then you probably have serious plumbing problems. Sewage should never back up into your household drains, so if it is, that indicates a very serious problem requiring professional help. A partial exception to this rule is if the sewage is backing up into your drains after heavy rains, which may indicate more of a problem with your city’s sewer system than your house’s plumbing. However, it is still important to call A&L Cesspool any time sewage is backing up into your household drains.

A Word About Chemical Drain Cleaners

It is best to avoid using chemical drain cleaners, if at all possible. Chemical drain cleaners can remove clogs, but they do not always work and, in the long term, they corrode your pipes. Chemical drain cleaners are also toxic and can threaten wildlife and the local environment. Plus, chemical drain cleaners are dangerous if they make contact with human eyes, skin, or other body parts. If you want to attempt to fix a clog yourself, purchase a plumbing snake or toilet plunger from your local hardware store. 

When the time comes to call a professional about your clogged drain, be sure to reach out to A&L Cesspool. We are here to help you with all of your sewer and drain maintenance needs!