Are you buying a home? Or have you not had a sewer inspection on your current home in a number of years? Sewer inspections are crucial in maintaining a healthy plumbing system and, as a result, a healthy living space. If you are buying a new home, there can be issues in the sewer line that are not obvious from a walk-through or even from a general inspection of the home before purchase. Below are a few reasons why it is highly recommended to have a sewer inspection.

1. Sneaky Roots

Roots from nearby trees and bushes gravitate towards sewer lines because they love the moist, dark conditions within the pipes. If your pipes are old, they are more susceptible to rust and to literally cracking under the pressure of pressing roots. Roots in your sewer line can lead to backups and further damage, so you want to make sure you know about this problem so you can take care of it. Lining old pipes is one way to prevent problems from tree roots. You don’t want to wait until a pipe needs to be totally replaced!

2. Old Pipes

The materials used to make pipes in older homes is often more susceptible to disintegration and natural wear and tear. If you are purchasing an older home or you live in an older home and have never had a sewer inspection, it’s a good idea to schedule one in order to learn about the condition of the pipes in your sewer system. If the pipes are starting to break down, it’s better to intervene and line those pipes rather than wait for a burst pipe that can cause damage to your home.

3. Cost of Damage Repair

If you wait for an incident to happen, such as a backup or a burst pipe, you will end up paying much more in repair costs than if you did some preventative maintenance. Backups and burst pipes lead to flooding, which can damage your home and even compromise your home’s foundation. Then you would not only have to replace the pipe but also potentially have to refinish your basement or repair some other area of your home. It is much wiser and safer to learn all you can about the status of your sewer system and take care of any potential issues before they become catastrophes.

At A&L Cesspool, our experts can inspect your sewer system and inform you about any potential issues you may be facing. We can work with you to recommend preventative measures that work for your home and your budget. It is always smart to be preemptive so your home can stay safe!