One of the most popular piping materials nowadays is plastic: it doesn’t rust or warp, doesn’t allow tree roots to break through, and doesn’t become brittle. But did you know pipes can be made of different kinds of plastics? Which plastic is piping made out of, and which kind of plastic is best? What are the differences between them? We’ve gathered information on some of the most common types of plastic pipes so you can get a more complete idea of the state of your sewer system and pipes.

PVC Plastic Pipes

PVC is one of the more commonly-known types of plastic and is used often in sewer and plumbing pipes. It is a softer plastic, making it flexible and easier to use than some other plastics. PVC is also soundproof, so you won’t have to deal with hearing the sound of water flowing inside your home. It is made of materials that are approved by the FDA and NSF, so it is perfectly safe for transporting drinking water.

ABS Pipes

ABS is similar to PVC with a few major differences that affect the way it’s used. One major difference is that ABS pipes contain BPA, a chemical that makes the pipes strong but has also come into controversy over whether it is safe for people and animals–a consideration that may make people second guess using ABS pipes for their indoor plumbing. ABS pipes are softer than PVC pipes, but they are also more durable. Due to their durability, ABS pipes are best used underground, where they can withstand freezing temperatures, and in sewer systems.

LLDPE Tubing

LLDPE, or linear low-density polyethylene, pipes are another common indoor piping material, as it can withstand both cold and hot water. Like PVC, LLDPE plastic pipes are made out of food-safe materials, making them perfect for your drinking and bathing water. They are durable and able to withstand pressure without cracking.

PEX Pipes

PEX piping is made of high-density polyethylene and is extremely strong, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor plumbing, as well as the tubing used in radiant heat. PEX pipes can handle hot and cold water, and it even reduces water pressure due to its low coefficient of friction, making it perfect for easy water flow around your home.

Clear Polyurethane Piping

Clear polyurethane piping is perfect for outdoors because it is flexible and resistant to any kind of tearing, abrasion, radiation, oils, weather damage, and UV rays. It is FDA-approved for being food safe, meaning it’s useful for drinking water.

No matter what kind of sewer system and piping you have in your home or building, the experts at A&L Cesspool will make sure your system is healthy and working its best. If your pipes are old, rusted, warped, or cracking, we’ll replace them with an appropriate material that will give you a long-lasting and optimally-functioning sewer system.