A burst sewer pipe can cause all sorts of issues, such as flooding, mold growth, and even releasing harmful gasses from the sewer line. Burst pipes are caused by a variety of issues, but the main ones are blockages and becoming frozen. If you do have a burst pipe, the important thing is not to panic. You will need to call in a professional, but there are some things you can do to stymie the problem in the meantime.

Signs of a Burst Sewer Pipe

How do you know if you even have a burst sewer pipe? Obviously if you have water gushing out of a pipe from somewhere in your home, you can safely assume the pipe has likely burst. But there are other, more subtle signs to watch out for that indicate you may have a burst sewer pipe.

1. Smelly Odors

If you notice a sewage smell in or around your home, you likely have a sewer pipe issue. A crack in a sewer pipe will allow smells and even harmful gasses to enter your home and can become a real health risk. You may also notice this smell in your yard. If you smell anything unpleasant in or around your home, it’s a good idea to have your sewer pipes checked.

2. Abnormal Sounds

If you hear a strange burbling or bubbling sound when you try to flush the toilet or run water from your sink, the source could be a crack or burst pipe. Any strange sound should always be investigated and not ignored–just because you can’t see an issue doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

3. Sinkhole in Yard

This may be a drastic sign, but if there is a sinkhole in your yard, there’s probably too much moisture accumulating in that area due to a break in a pipe. Aside from needing to repair your pipe, sinkholes are incredibly dangerous and require professional attention immediately.

4. No or Low Water Pressure

If you turn on your sink or shower and nothing comes out, or you only get a trickle of water, it could mean a burst pipe somewhere. Definitely reach out to professionals in such a scenario.

What You Should Do

Once you determine you do have a burst sewer pipe, there are two important things to do.

1. Turn Off Your Water

You need to stop the flow of water from the problematic pipe. That usually involves turning off the water in your home. You may be able to turn off the water involving that specific pipe, depending on how your plumbing is set up, but often, you will end up turning off the water in your entire home.

2. Contact Professionals

Never try to fix a burst pipe on your own. Professionals like at A&L Cesspool will be able to repair or replace your sewer pipe and check to see if there was any damage done to your home from the excess water.

If you have a burst sewer pipe, we can help. No matter what, the professionals at A&L Cesspool will be able to get your sewer pipes back to working order quickly and within your budget. Get the professionals involved early and you’ll be able to contain the issue as much as possible!