April is traditionally a rainy month and this year is no exception. With rain, rain, and more rain in the forecast, you may be looking forward to those May flowers. But did you know that an abundance of rain, while good for the garden, may be problematic for your septic tank? Read on to learn more about the ways excess rain affects your septic tank and how you can combat them.

Oversaturated Soil

The way a septic tank works is that solid waste falls to the bottom while lighter waste like oils and grease float to the top as scum. Wastewater liquid called effluent is released from the septic tank to biodegrade in the surrounding soil, but if the soil is already saturated with rainwater, preventing the effluent from becoming absorbed. As a result, your septic tank can become full of too much liquid and can even flood. If you keep in mind not to use wasteful amounts of water during a heavy rain, or even to significantly reduce your water usage, it can help keep your septic tank from flooding.

Overwhelmed Drain Field

The drain field is the area around your septic tank where the wastewater is filtered. If the drain field becomes flooded, it can’t effectively filter your wastewater, leading to contamination in your yard. To prevent this issue, make sure you have appropriate drainage in place in your yard that leads rain water away from your drain field.

Debris from Storms

Springtime doesn’t just bring regular rain with it – it brings storms. Those storms can include high winds that blow down branches, leaves, and other debris. Some of that debris can end up in your septic tank, clogging it and causing backups. To keep this from happening, make sure to prune any trees in your yard and keep debris possibilities to a minimum.

Prevent Rain From Negatively Affecting Your Septic Tank

Springtime rain affects your septic tank negatively. If your septic tank does become flooded or clogged, it will likely need to be pumped or cleaned. Even if all is perfect with your septic tank, springtime is a great time to get your tank pumped to prepare it for the rest of the season and the summer. The experts at A&L Cesspool can pump and clean your septic tank for you so you won’t have to deal with floods and backups this spring and summer.