Springtime is here! During the winter, there are more plumbing issues due to frozen and broken pipes.  Unfortunately the colder months can cause these plumbing disasters, leading to costly repairs. As spring arrives, the frozen pipes start to thaw, which could also cause an array of problems for your sewer pipes. It’s crucial to get ahead of a potential plumbing problem to avoid disasters occurring in your home! 

Slow Water Pressure

During the spring, after the thaw out from winter, you may experience water pressure issues. These can range from leaking pipes to cracking and even bursting pipes. One way to know if your pipes are suffering, would be to notice a drastic change in the water pressure in your home. Any drop in water pressure could be the result of a blockage in the main water line. No matter what the cause may be, a drop in water pressure should always be investigated by a licensed, professional plumber!

Clogged Drains

In the springtime, the ground could be frozen, unable to properly soak up the water during the rainy seasonal months of spring. This leads to water building up around your home, causing it to leak into your walls and even your basement! Your main sewer line could be clogged from any snow or ice that remains, adding unnecessary pressure to your pipes. This affects your sinks, drains and your toilets, so taking care of it in a timely manner benefits your pipes and your wallet!

If you suspect a potential sewer line clog, don’t hesitate to get it inspected. The quicker you address it, the lesser chance your pipeline doesn’t burst. A sewer line clog is considered to be a plumbing emergency, and you will want to act fast by calling a professional.


If you haven’t taken care of a plumbing problem that arose during the cold winter months, you could end up with a damaged sewer line once the warmer weather rolls in. The environment changes each season, and spring usually brings a good deal of rain, along with melting ice or snow that winter left behind. Any issue that is apparent during the winter months only worsens if not addressed during the spring. The most common sewage backup is damage due to  heavy rainstorms. Once the flooding builds up in your sewer line, wastewater and rainwater can create mold, further damaging your pipes.The large amount of water and mold wreaks havoc on your sewer system. Before spring really begins, you can ensure that your plumbing system is prepared to take on the new seasons’ issues before they even begin. 

Prevent Any Sewer And Plumbing Problems! 

It is important to note that repairing a damaged sewer line can take anywhere between 1 to 3 days. Some repairs require excavation, digging up the pipes, so you will want to act fast to repair ANY issue. To avoid and prevent problems with flooding or other types of damage in your sewer system, it’s best to have your sewer line cleaned out once every 2-3 years. At A&L Cesspool, we know that there are other issues that could arise, but be rest-assured that we are ALWAYS here to help. A&L Cesspool is a family-owned and operated business for over 45 years. 

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