Summertime is almost here, and the change in weather has an effect on all aspects of your home, including your sewer system. The last thing you want to deal with this summer is a sewage backup, so it’s important to be aware of common summer sewer issues so you can work to prevent them, and to notice them immediately if they do occur.

1. Excess Rain Water

The summer season brings with it heavy rainstorms that can bring up to several inches of water. All that rain can overwhelm your sewer, causing a backup. While you can’t prevent the deluge of water from bombarding your sewer system, you can make sure your pipes are in good condition and free from clogs so they are better able to withstand the strong rains of summer. Preventative maintenance is important to check for cracks, weak spots, and waste buildup.

2. Too Much Dry Weather 

Long stretches of dry weather or drought can bring sewer problems, as well. Rainwater helps waste move through your sewer pipes. Without rainwater, that waste might stick around within the pipes, building up over time and eventually causing a clog. It’s important to check your pipes, especially if you are experiencing a drought, to make sure they are continuing to clear waste.

3. Tree Roots

Though tree roots are a problem year-round, they are especially an issue in the spring and summer when they might experience more growth activity. You want to make sure your sewer pipes are strong enough to withstand nearby tree roots, and you’ll want to plant any new trees a distance away from where your sewer line runs. It’s possible that you already have tree roots in your sewer pipes and don’t know it, so a sewer inspection can be helpful to prevent problems from creeping up.

Preventative Maintenance Can Prevent Common Summer Sewer Issues

While you may not be able to control the weather or the growth of tree roots, you can do your best to make sure your sewer system is up to handling anything the summer season throws its way. Scheduling a preventative maintenance inspection of your sewer system will give you valuable information on the state of your sewer pipes. If they do need repairing, it’s better to know before a major backup occurs than after! 

At A&L Cesspool, our experts can help you prepare your sewer system through preventative maintenance for these common sewer issues so you can prevent clogs and backups from ruining your summer fun. If you do experience a sewer problem, we’re here to help you solve the problem effectively and as painlessly as possible.