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Three Ways to Avoid Plant Growth in Your Sewer Pipes

Spring has sprung! That means your gardens are starting to sprout, your bushes are beginning to flourish, and your trees are blooming. The world looks a little cheerier on the outside, but how is all this plant life affecting your sewer system? The fact is that excess foliage and plant roots can infiltrate your sewer pipes, causing blockages and backups. An experienced plumber with a camera system can detect this problem for you, but wouldn’t it be better to avoid the issue entirely, or as much as possible? Read on for some tips on how to avoid plant growth...

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Warning Signs of a Sewage Backup

A sewage backup in your home can be very alarming along with hazardous because once your sewage line starts to back up in your home’s plumbing system, it can open the door to a host of damage and problems. The longer this is overlooked, the worse it can get and the more damage it will ultimately cause. However, there is good news and that is by knowing the signs of a sewage backup, you can take the immediate action necessary to fix the problem and prevent further damage. So, let’s take a look at some of the most common...

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5 Crucial Ways to Prevent Frozen Pipes This Winter

Previously on our blog, we discussed the signs of a frozen pipe so you can be alerted to the problem quickly and take action before it gets worse. But what about preventing frozen pipes in the first place? Frozen pipes can cause all sorts of havoc in your home, from backups to cracked pipes to floods. Floods can then lead to water damage, mold, and rot that can compromise the safety and integrity of your home. So how can you prevent frozen pipes this winter? 1. Insulate Your Pipes Any pipes that are along the exterior of your home...

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The Benefits of High-Pressure Drain Cleaning

Getting a blockage in the drainage system is a stubborn problem that most homeowners hate dealing with, particularly because they do not have the equipment to tackle it. Now, while you can simply ignore it and pray that it goes away, the likelihood is that it will only get worse and you will risk the sewage water flowing back into your home and causing a foul odor along with becoming a threat to your hygiene. One of the best ways to tackle any blockage or sewer build-up is through high-pressure drain jetting. This has become a critical weapon when...

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5 Signs You Have a Frozen Sewer Pipe

The cold winter air isn’t just a nuisance outside; it can cause problems within your home, too. Frozen sewer pipes can lead to a lack of water coming from your tap and to backups in the other pipes in your home. In the worst-case scenario, your frozen pipe can burst, causing a huge flood of sewage water all over your property. A burst pipe is much more expensive to repair than a frozen pipe. So how can you prevent catastrophe due to frozen sewer pipes in the winter? Read on to learn the signs of a frozen sewer pipe...

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