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A&L Recycling is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle your emergencies. We are the sewer and drain specialists servicing the 5 Boroughs and Nassau County since 1974. We have all types and sizes of heavy-duty gasoline and electrical portable pumps to handle any flooded area. No job is too big nor too small!

A&L Recycling is licensed by the New York State Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and the Department of Sanitation Trade Waste Commission (DSTWC). read more


Biodiesel is used to refer to renewable fuels that can be burned in a diesel engine. Biodiesel is most often made from the oil extracted from a variety of plants, such as peanuts or soybeans, although it can also be made from animal fats. Vegetable oil needs treatment before it can be burned in a diesel...

Grease Traps

Ethanol is a form of alcohol often produced from corn or sugar cane, and has a higher octane rating than gasoline. Like other alcohols, ethanol can be used as a fuel in gasoline engines. Ethanol is blended with gasoline and used in cars with little or no modification of the engine. Gasohol is a mixture...

Catch Basins

Methanol is another alcohol derived from a variety of sources such as oil shale, coal, natural gas or agricultural waste. Like ethanol, it is clean-burning and will blend with gasoline. For years, straight methanol has been used in racecars because it has a high octane rating, making it a good fuel...


Woodgas is a less commonly known alternative fuel produced from wood or "biomass" (agricultural byproducts). Woodgas-powered vehicles operated during World War II by putting a wood burner in the trunk, or trailer, and piping the gases into the carburetor. Scientists are studying ways to run generators...

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Your grease of today is tomorrow's future!
At A&L Recycling and Cesspool we have designed a grease facility to safely and properly eliminate your grease problems in an environmentally friendly way. We also provide certificates of compliance required by Dept of Env Protection (DEP). READ MORE

A&L Recycling is a Recyclables Handling and Recovery Facility for Non-Petroleum Waste Oil. The Facility has developed a method of collecting and cleaning the oils and grease from the traps of food processing facilities and restaurants for recovery. The Facility separates and disposes of wastewater and recovers/recycles the Non-Petroleum oil and grease for industrial use. READ MORE

Using our state of the art technology and cameras we specialize in the location, inspection and correction of Blockages, Broken Pipes, Septic Tanks, Grease Traps, Drains and much more. READ MORE